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Graasten is quite a little jewel in the landscape of The Kingdom of Denmark. Beautifully situated at the Flensborg Fjord and right in the middle of the main road A8 between the frontier station Krusaa and the city of Sønderborg. It is a town with a little more than 3000 inhabitants and with proud traditions going back to the glorious days of the big sailing ships. It has a romantic royal castle surrounded of wide majestic forests, a harbour and a waterfront where modern architecture is acting as an open gesture to the sea and the whole world. A sleeping beauty town? Oh not at all! Graasten is a most living place with industry and a lot of good jobs of our time, shops and a cosy pedestrian zone showing the charm of a friendly town. And please note: through a lot of years in spite of its modest size Graasten has always with its banks, inns, shops, lawyers and other people of importance been the active and natural centre of the district.

A firm walk or drive in the neighbourhood will show you the chimneys of the traditional brickworks. And still they produce beautiful handmade brickstones to important and outstanding buildings of the world. In the harbour you will meet old sailing ships made of good timber, yachts, and in the summertime the little white fleet of coastal steamers keeping up traditions from the days, where a network of local and regional lines were the backbone of the infrastructure in the flourishing region of the fjord. At the waterfront you will also meet eminent architecture in the buildings of “Bryggen” and in “Emma’s Have” (“Emma’s Garden”). This is the place where Danish architects in the years to come will demonstrate new ways of creativity using the traditional Danish brickstones as the major element. Solid and good houses friendly fitting into to the surrounding landscape.

At Fiskenæs in the middle of the town a new vacation centre has been established. The distance between nature, leisure and the daily life of the town is short and if you visit the area in the summertime, you may meet the most special traditions of Northern Schleswig at the “ringridning”,
(“Tilting”) - an old game of the medieval knights. One of the three major tilting festivals in the county takes place in Graasten, where the town is pleased to keep the old tradition alive and where people can have a nice and relaxing time together.

But at last but indeed not at least: is has a very special importance for a town to have its own royal castle. But we’ll better give the castle its own story elsewhere on these pages.

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